Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. (Sedgwick CMS) is the leader in innovative claims and productivity management solutions to major employers. Sedgwick CMS provides cost-effective claims administration, managed care, program management and related services through the expertise of 8,500 colleagues in more than one hundred and fifty offices and service locations in the U.S. and Canada.



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Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. (Sedgwick CMS) has established industry leading best practices for claims services based on years of experience and expertise. These best practices were created for one primary purpose - to maximize results for our clients. Sedgwick CMS continuously analyzes and challenges our best practices to identify opportunities for process improvement.

The Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. (Sedgwick CMS) best practice is to centralize liability units in order to provide a number of benefits to our clients, including but not limited to greater ease of communication within the unit and - more importantly - with our clients, efficient organization, and consistency in the management of our clients’ programs. We also have extensive experience in the development of customized units for our clients to handle particularly demanding types of cases, such as fast track, litigated, and complex/catastrophic claims.

Financial Sector Specialty Services
Sedgwick CMS has established a dedicated facility to provide claims administration and related risk management services for credit card programs, consumer warranty plans and other specialized financial products. Banks, credit card companies, affinity groups and other sponsors of credit cards and consumer warranties will benefit from our experience with Fortune 500 businesses, claims information technology attuned to the financial industry's emphasis on processing efficiency and data security, coast-to-coast jurisdictional presence and the robust back office of a SAS70-audited service provider.